Our Mission is to re-invent the supermarket shopping experience by providing maximum value to the shopper, store, and CPG Brand. There is no question that in our business model that everything rotates around the needs of the shopper. It is only through great service to the shopper that we create value for the Store and CPG Brand. We answer “What’s for Dinner?” and “Where are the products I want?” in a visually entertaining way.


It all starts with customer loyalty and everyone in the food industry knows that supermarket shopping is an emotional experience. Our strategy is to promote highly visual recipe shopping. Walk from department to department and the recipes shift relevant to the shopper’s location so the content naturally matches the mood and preferences. This allows shoppers to buy based on recipes without having to plan ahead. At the end of their visit, consumers can put in their email or phone to receive any recipes they liked along the way. We answer key questions:

“What should we have for Dinner?

As the shopper strolls through the store the recipe images change based on their path though the store. In produce they see salads and guacamole but walk into the baking aisle and it is instantly cakes and cookies. They can also customize the recipe reel based on the product they are in the mood for. Want ideas for pineapple? No problem for AuLaCart.

“Where are the products I want?”

Shoppers can search the store directory and get a map showing them where the product is located. Not limited to the physical size of the aisle signs AuLaCart has an unlimited index making it much smarter than the majority of store employees.


AuLaCart creates shopper loyalty with relevant visual content customized to the user’s path through their shopping experience. Moving to recipe based shopping allows us to add additional items to the cart over traditional list or pantry based shopping. We know that people eat with their eyes and believe that seeing lots of great looking recipes will help them buy additional items that they may have otherwise not thought of. Virtually every interaction with the device is tracked without violating the consumer’s privacy. All parties involved need data to help better understand the shoppers’ need and that is what our system does. Integration with third-party apps will allow us to perform user identification on a much larger scale without requiring a unique loyalty card to the store. Our device delivers to the consumer the Store Specials removing the need to have printed copies in the store.

CPG Brands

There are some unavoidable truths in CPG Brand Strategy and here they are:

  • You must be SEEN to be SOLD
  • Engage the Shopper’s Hunger or go home
  • Launching a new product is expensive and the majority of products never make it through their trial period. Vendors have very little information to understand why their product was successful or unsuccessful. With recipe based shopping we can tie a product to a specific line item and can track which recipes it does better with.  We can provide point-of-purchase advertising considered by many marketing professionals as a premium placement. Tied to a store’s POS system we can correlate recipes, shopper patterns, and habits all while respecting the shopper’s privacy.