A supermarket shopping experience worth talking about is the vision of AuLaCart and it is the center of our universe. We provide the supermarket shopper with meal suggestions, product location, and other critical information they need as they stroll the aisles of their local supermarket. Supermarket shopping only appears simple until you get into the details; and trust me the devil is in the details.


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Meal Suggestions

  • Suggests answers for “What’s for dinner?”
  • Displays recipes relevant to shopper’s location
  • Sends Recipe Details to text or email at checkout
  • Product reminders for all recipe ingredients
  • Weekly Flyer without the Paper & Ink
  • New Store Product Reminder
  • Wine Pairing for the Non-Connoisseur

Unique Dual Search – Store Directory & Recipe Ingredients

  • Answer the perpetual question of “Where are the products I want?”
  • Searches Store Directory and Recipes
  • Meal Suggestions by Ingredient
  • Wine Pairing for the Non-Connoisseur (99% of public)
  • New Items for Foodies
  • No Store Staff Needed


Consumer Survey Says:

  • 75% are more likely to return to the store that has AuLaCart
  • 43.75% were encouraged to try something new
  • Consumers report that appetizing pictures make them hungrier!

Store Advantages

  • Understand shopper traffic flow
  • Reduce Store Labor – in-aisle assistance
  • Support new employees with product location lookup

CPG Brands

Point of sale advertising

  • Advertising based on the shopper’s location
  • Buy only where your product is stocked
  • Performance reporting
  • Recipe Advertising Strategy
  • Learn How Consumers Shop a Store
  • Learn what advertisements work and don’t work

Let’s talk about your supermarket shopping experience.