Food Shopper Demo

AuLaCart for Food Shopper’s Video

Designed for the Supermarket Shopper who is using AuLaCart for the first time. This presentation explains the basic concepts starting with TV Mode where shopper looks at the pretty pictures and walks around the store in their typical shopping visit. After that it walks through the more advanced features. It explores how you go from seeing a picture you like to finding all the products and getting the detailed prep instructions on your phone or at home. We show how you can check the store specials automatically organized by the areas of the store and how to find a professional wine pair for that very special meal.

Video Outline

    • Look at the Pretty Pictures
    • LIKE something you see?
    • Where is the Product You Want?
    • What are you in the mood for?
    • Ingredient Reminder Plan
    • Special Map Features
    • Liked Recipes
    • Wine Pairing
    • The Experience Continues at Home