Our team has the experience and determination to pull off something as big as re-inventing the chopping experience. Members of the group have known each other and worked together on various projects. They each bring unique skills to the table that make this a project worth considering.

Rachel Chadwell CEO
Rachel leads MetroCell product development as part of the AT&T Services wireless team, driving small cell
strategy and end-to-end product lifecycle management.Rachel began her telecommunications career in 2000 with SBC, as a Billing Project manager in San Ramon,
CA. Since then, she has held a variety of technology roles, including Technical Director of Credit and
Collections application teams, leading bill test and development applications, managing flexible workforce for
Technology Development, and project managing the build of key components of AT&T’s Big Data
infrastructure. She also ran “Tigon,” AT&T’s first open source collaboration between AT&T Research and
Cask in Silicon Valley.Rachel is a native of Washington, DC and completed her Masters in Project and Systems Management at
Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Rachel is involved with the San Luis Obispo School District,
volunteering in classrooms to support STEM and technology education. She’s a founding members of 2 local
startup companies. An avid beach, snow and water sport participant and coach, Rachel lives in San Luis
Obispo, CA where she raised her 2 grown children.
Marvin Byrd CTO
Marvin is an Electronics Engineer from Cal Poly with 10 years of industry experience and is the driving force behind our technical innovation. Much of his experience is the DOD as an engineer and understands building technology in hostile environments.  Marvin worked as a security engineer for 4 years evaluating technology getting sold into the financial sector, government sector, and health-care sector to prevent accidental and targeting hacking. He then started working in business development and launched and led technical programs for emerging technologies.

Bob Dumouchel COO
Bob is a serial entrepreneur with over 18 years’ experience in the food industry and has successfully launched four technology businesses. AuVitCus will be his 5th. Bob was the lead Executive of the Mueller Food Service Key System. The Key System was a lap-top bar code driven system of online ordering, recipe management and nutritional analysis for institutional food customers. This system was directly responsible for over $15 million in new business and created a relationship that went beyond the cost of the products. This is one of the factors that lead to the acquisition of MFS in 1988 by Kraft Foodservice. Bob was the co-founder and CEO/President of Systems & Programming Solutions and during that time the company was selected to the Inc 500 list of top growth companies in the US in 1992 & 1993 and an IBM Premier Business Partner (Top 5% Worldwide). Bob recently sold his forth successful tech startup Systems & Marketing Solutions a Digital Advertising Agency with a specialization in Google AdWords and a Premier Google Partner. Bob sold SMS to pursue the AuLaCart opportunity.

Josh Kolstad Senior Software Engineer
Josh has over 15 years of experience being the go-to knowledge base for writing software. He has written software for large scale roll outs and has had to manage the life cycle of that software and is fluent in virtually all mainstream coding languages. He is a security and architecture expert in software. Previously he worked for a lab evaluating applications and embedded firmware for major PED vendors in the financial sector to help them understand how writing certain types of code might be compiled and disassembled onto particular CPU architecture that would allow someone to monitor EM radiations and then use statistical correlations to crack keys just by using them! So yea.
Michael Boyer CMO/Brand Executive
Michael has over 20 years of experience bringing leading brands to innovative small businesses and forging relationships that brought products to market. Michael is an experienced rainmaker in the digital marketing field. Over the last decade he has proven three times that he can deliver national brands to smaller technology businesses.As a lead executive in highly successful technology businesses, he has consistently demonstrated the ability to make things happen in the market. Most of the companies he brought major brands to, have all grown large enough be be acquired or large enough to acquire someone else. 

Our Story

AuLaCart has been making steady progress since 2015 and we are currently demonstrating to consumers and getting rave reviews at California Fresh Market in Pismo Beach California. We are currently raising money to start our next phase of installing five stores and engineering the Next Generation of AuLaCart.


Contact Us

  • Bob Dumouchel
  • Phone: 800-272-0887
  • Email: bob.aulacart@gmail.com
  • Address: 191 S. Oak Park Blvd, Suite 7, Grover Beach, CA 93433